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    The 13th International Conference on Megagauss Magnetic Field Generation and Related Topics (MG-XIII) will be held on July 06-10, 2010, in Suzhou, China P.R..

    There will be invited lectures, oral and poster presentations in the conference. The official languages of the conference are Chinese and English.

The conference program covers a wide range of scientific and technical areas:
  •  ultrahigh and non-destructive pulsed magnetic field generation

  •  high magnetic field physics

  • explosive and common high pulsed power technology and their applications in physical experiments, including explosively driven magnetic flux compression generators and high current sources

  • high current, high power switches and power conditioning technology

  • electromagnetically driven high energy density physics, including electromagnetic implosion of liners and Z-Pinch physics

  • experimental diagnosis and numerical simulations in related fields

  • related topics

The five-day conference format will provide excellent opportunity for both presentation and discussions about topics of common interest to conference participants.

Important dates:
  • 2010/4/11 Deadline for abstract submission  new
  • 2010/5/30 Deadline for manuscript submission
  • 2010/6/1 Deadline for hotel reservation
  • 2010/7/5-7/6 Conference check-in
  • 2010/7/6-2010/7/10 Conference Dates

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