The main venue for the meeting is in Nanlin Hotel.


       Since July is a golden time for travelers to Suzhou, it will be difficult to accommodate the attendees if we don¡¯t have reservation for you. So, recently, the Organization Committee negotiate with the Nanlin Hotels and reserve some rooms at a relative low contract price, i.e.

Shanshui Building

 ~ 50 rooms, 420RMB/night for both single and double bed (same room, different bed size)

Yuanzhong Building

~ 20 rooms, 500RMB/night for both single and double bed (same room, different bed size)

       The two buildings are all in the garden of Nanlin Hotel, about 100 meters away. All academic activities will be carried out at Yuanzhong Building, while dinning room is at Shanshui Building.

       Nanlin is a four-star international hotel. All rooms have free internet, satellite TV programme and breakfast for two. Domestic and international phone is charged. Cash exchange is available at Nanlin.

       The Organization Committee strongly suggest that all attendees live at Nanlin. If so, please mail to us the following information:

   Building to live (Shanshui or Yuanzhong): 

  •         Room type:

  •         Persons name who will live:

  •         Date to check in:

  •         Date to check out:

        On receiving your reservation information, we will supply your information to Nanlin Hotel. When you arrive, you can directly check in at the reception desk.

        Of course, you can choose other Hotel. If so, please make a reservation as soon as possible, so that you can get a low price.

Update time:2010/4/8

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